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The Story of RISIS in Singapore

The story begins in 1972. Risis was a child of  this generation, born after a wife wistfully exclaimed that she wished the beautiful orchids she saw in the botanical gardens could last forever. Her new husband, a young scientist working for the government, quietly spent late nights in labs exploring and experimenting with the faint hope that he could achieve the impossible.
Years after that fleeting wish, his fellow scientists were stunned one morning as he opened his palms to reveal a natural orchid shimmering in gold. No one had seen anything like it, a marriage of nature and science that seemed to glow in his hands.

It was an instant hit. A young Singapore was mesmerised by the technological prowess and artistic flair that seemed to spring from nowhere, and the delicate golden flowers became symbols of the dizzying heights that the new nation was capable of.

Christened as the Risis Orchid, it remains a national icon today. Refined over the years through relentless innovation and dedication to craftsmanship, Risis has become a household name in Singapore, as well as for the legions of tourists that have taken the brand to shores beyond.

In recent years, Risis has worn its humble roots as a badge of honour; directing the talents of her artists and designers to produce collections of jewellery, sculpture and lifestyle artifacts that wholeheartedly represent the different facets of a truly global city rooted in Asian culture and values.

While Risis is known for our signature work in the medium of gold, it has branched out into rhodium, precious and semi precious gemstones, fine enamel and many other exotic materials. These rare elements form the palette which we use to express themselves and their cultures to the world.

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